To my children and grandchildren...

With your direction on education, I frequently brainwave myself thinking something like how noticeably the planetary has transformed since I was in your position. The global is now a noticeably "smaller" place-people of all cultures can communicate and drift next to ease. You human face remarkable challenges today...just as I did...just as my parents earlier me. These lines of suggestion possibly will be helpful:

  • Recognize that the single limitations you external body part are those you set for yourself
  • Be the BEST that you can be
  • Recognize that YOU are responsible for your successes and failures
  • You must pull in your way
  • Strive for class...not perfection
  • See the cup as half-full, to some extent than sighted it as half-empty
  • Focus on positives, instead than on negatives
  • Look to praise, a bit than to criticize
  • Look for ways to succeed, to some extent than excuses to fail
  • Commit yourself to unvarying improvement
  • Understand how defining instruction is to success
  • School is the key. Technology rules. You need amended skills to succeed
  • Learn what is self taught, but most importantly, learn "how" to learn
  • Develop remaining reports sources to verify, or challenge, what you are self educated. "History" is routinely twisted or rewritten to patronage a faddy spike of perspective. Get new ideas
  • Treat teachers, administrators, and male person students as you would close to to be treated
  • Be the front to say "Hello"
  • Develop your think about in school, but likewise change otherwise skills and interests, together with music, art, and somatogenetic suitableness. This is wherever alliance develops its roots
  • Be a well-rounded person
  • Resist fetching "easy" classes
  • Dig into math, the sciences, and computers. These gel the technical base for future day success
  • Study language
  • Speak and write English correctly
  • Appreciate some other cultures by basic cognitive process different language
  • Be open in your plan of attack to learning
  • Resist the lure to cheat-you individual hurt yourself
  • Develop a afire a little something in the outdoor world
  • Pay focus to the "news." The "real" international can be extraordinarily diametric from the enrollee planetary you dwell in today
  • Avoid the temptations of alcohol, smoking, drugs, gangs, and flighty private behavior
  • Understand the steps you takings present have lifelong implications
  • Choose your friends wisely
  • Do what you can to trade name a teacher's job easier, not harder. Teaching is one of the furthermost important, best difficult, and most underpaid professions in the world
  • Participate-but don't be a pain!
  • Be a acquaintance to all. Extend a mitt of amity to all some other students, unheeding of race, creed, or color
  • Make a remarkable energy to be a collaborator to those smaller amount well than you
  • As you season and obverse new challenges, don't wane to question with me what is on your worry. You mightiness learn from the mistakes of others
  • Recognize how LUCKY you are to singing and be semiliterate in this bad rural area. People from on all sides the world are at death's door all day trying to get INTO this province...not out
  • Don't forget to have fun!!
  • School can be a marvellous juncture in your life
  • Experience it
  • Live it
  • Enjoy it

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Many of these suggestions will be pragmatic for the period of your life-learn them powerfully. I aspiration you the paramount glory in your pains and hope you insight institution some pleasing and nice.



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