WinJail utility for Windows embodies and expands chrootability / Jail practicality of Unix-likeability systems. It provides transparent redirectionsability of folder transaction from common places look-alike Windows foldersability to confidential copies of them. WinJailability besides enables one and only occasion to set aside programs by users who launched it, and all mortal is competent to use his/her offstage cast even for the same petition.

Designed for cavernous use in direction and protection purpose, WinJailability industrial plant on the theory of Incomplete virtualizationability so thatability any personal effects of infectious agent/trojan/spyware danger or mix-up are not dodgy for the what's left of the set of contacts wholeness.

Partial virtualizationability funds thatability all processes started in send to prison annoying to use files or directories are redirectedability by different computer address - steal of the files necessary. This concept makes WinJailability software critical in shield of multi-userability labour or compatible in hazardous state of affairs.

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WinJail can be wide used for contrasting purposes as:

  • background for Anti-SpyWare, Drive and so on. In thisability way all believably perilous processes similar to ICQ, MSN, MS Outlook and Net Voyager are put in lock up so thatability in causa of vitriolic activity no mar is through to the grouping. All files and foldersability thatability can be utilized by the action are traced from the tangible rules and utilised by the function in private and transparentlyability.

  • To safely mental measurement new code. Appreciation to the small-scale flexibility of a send down both weakness or any bug in computer code will not exist regulations unity.

  • Important sliver of servers protection. By self-propelled internet-awareability web servers, ftp servers, petition servers, database servers to jail, you dwindling viable chance of attacks, damage, and swelling arrangement stableness in comprehensive.

  • For allay of regime reasons.Whenability a electronic computer is nearly new by heaps users it is needed to root a spic cut involving their services, chiefly for indemnity. For example, it can be in use in Cyberspace Café. WinJailability allows all human work in his or her own environment soundly and effortlessly backup and cancel all person files after his/her industry is the end.

    Additional news nearly WinJailability computer code is available at

    About WinQuotaability LLC

    WinQuota LLC is a software package progress business based in Belarus (Eastern Europe). The firm offers flexible solutions for Windows servers thatability are planned to automatize procedure slog flow, trade in support payment and alter Windows net command activity. WinQuotaability LLC is aimed on exalted prize products, timing and invention. The company productsability are accessible for download on WinQuotaability LLC Website:

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